Competition Rule 2022-23


2 Sections in Malahide Camera Club for the purposes of judging:

  • Non-Advanced (representing novice and intermediate grades)

  • Advanced


  • 6 Competition Rounds in the Monthly League

  • 4 Rounds will be print, and 2 Rounds will be projected images 

  • 2 rounds will be colour, 2 rounds will be mono, and 2 rounds can be either colour or mono

  • Two sections in each round: Theme and Open

Members can submit 2 images for each round – 1 Theme and 1 Open.

Both Theme and Open images will be scored out of 50 

All 6 rounds, 12 images will count towards a member’s total score for the league

Non-Advanced (Novice, Intermediate) and Advanced sections are judged separately. 

Images may only be entered once in the Monthly League competition; new images are required for each round of the league and images must not have been entered in previous years’ monthly league competitions. 

Closely similar images are not permitted. Final decision on whether two or more images are similar will lie entirely with the Competition Secretary. 

Guest Judges will rank images for league points and their decisions are final.


  • All entries, both theme and open, must be in the correct format for that round. Any entry that does not conform to the brief or competition rules in Malahide Camera Club’s Handbook will not be forwarded to the judge.


  • Digital files must be of the correct format and must be named correctly


  • They must be in JPEG format (max. 3000 pixels on the long edge at 300 DPI) Ensure entries are titled correctly – GRADE-PNo-THEME/OPEN-TITLE


  • Print entries must not be larger than 12”x16” and must be mounted on 16”x 20” mount boards (you will be advised when these can be ordered from the club). 

Print entries must have these details only written on the back of the image (top left-hand corner). Labels are available

  • IMPORTANT – this year we are asking you to send in a digital copy of your print – same format as for digital files – so we can keep your entries on file for external competitions 

  • All entries must be submitted on the Thursday prior to the competition.  Print entries will be collected on the appropriate Club night.  

Digital entries must be submitted by midnight Thursday via We Transfer ( to the club’s email address,


  • Images must be entered into the correct grade. Images that are submitted into the incorrect grade, and which are judged in that grade, will be disqualified from that round. 


  • Monochrome images cannot be entered into colour competitions and vice versa. 



Any objection to an image after judging should only be made in writing to the Club Competition Secretary within one week of judging night. The complaint will be investigated by the committee and if found valid the appropriate action will be determined by Malahide Camera Club Committee. 

All queries regarding competitions, themes, briefs etc. must be sent only by email to the Club Competition Secretary.  

MCC Personal Distinctions Pins

As part of the 25th Year celebrations the committee has introduced a new internal distinctions process for all members of the club. This will run alongside the monthly competitions and will enable members to gain recognition of their personal achievements over the years. 

On achieving a score of 80% or more in either a Theme or Open section in a monthly competition, a member will be awarded 1 point towards their distinctions i.e., a maximum of 2 points per monthly competition. Points are cumulative and carried forward each year. Pins will be presented annually at the End of Year Awards night.

Bronze Pin:     Awarded on reaching a total of 7 points

Silver Pin:       Awarded on reaching a total of 20 points

Gold Pin:         Awarded on reaching a total of 35 points

Platinum Pin:   Awarded on reaching a total of 50 points


End of Year Awards

  • There are awards for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each division Non-Advanced and Advanced.


  • The Photographer of the Year is awarded to the photographer with the highest total score from their 12 qualifying scores, regardless of grade


  • All presentations are made at the End of Year celebration in June.


  • The image of the year this year is taking on a new format – The images to be judges will be a collection of all the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in the monthly league – that will be the Non- Advanced and Advanced mixed together and the judge picks the IMAGE OF THE YEAR. 

From the 6 competitions there will be 72 images 

Guidance to Judges

The following information is provided to judges to aid fair and consistent judging:

Dear < Judge >, 

Thank you for agreeing to judge our monthly competition on ………... We very much appreciate your time and effort. 

Our competitions are divided into Non-Advanced (Novice and Intermediate) and Advanced divisions and within each of these we have Open and Theme sections. 

Open Images should be marked out of 50, based on impact, artistic merit, composition, content, and technical ability.  All 50 marks are at your discretion to award. In deciding on your mark, please place a strong emphasis on the overall impact and artistic merit of the image, and less emphasis on technical issues. The marks awarded should typically be in the range of 30 to 50 and we would ask you to mark in such a way that there are clear 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place positions.  

Malahide CC has a strong tradition of including a theme section in our monthly competitions. We want to encourage photographers to be creative, to work outside their comfort zone and to challenge them to become better photographers as set out in the aims of our club.  

Theme images are scored out of 50 marks. Marks should be awarded on the same basis of impact, artistic merit, composition, content, technical ability and importantly, how well the image meets the theme. If an image does not clearly meet the Theme, that should be strongly reflected in your score for the image.  

When deciding on your marks, please place a strong emphasis on the overall impact and artistic merit of the image, and less emphasis on technical issues. The marks awarded should typically be in the range of 30 to 50 and we would ask you to mark in such a way that there are clear 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place positions. 

We will provide you with a spreadsheet for recording your scores and comments. We would be very grateful if you could return a copy of the completed scoresheet in advance of judging night.

Many thanks for taking the time to judge our images and we look forward to your deliberations on our work.

Thank You

Malahide Camera Club.

 The league table for the competitions can be seen here.

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