MCC Documents

Supporting Docs

Creating A Photo Book by Peter Barriscale

Converting images to Black & White by Joe Doyle 03-10-19

Gadgets and Gizmos 26-09-19

Apps by Tony Murray

Photography Foundation Course Notes - Peter Barriscale

Session 1: Know Your Camera 

Session 2: Exposure Triangle

Session 3: Metering Modes

Session 3: Histograms

Session 4: Aids to Composition

​Session 5: Basic Editing 1

Session 6: Basic RAW File workflow - ACR & Photoshop

Session 7: Introduction to layers in Photoshop

Session 7: Keyboard Shortcuts in Photoshop CC

Session 8: Portraiture Hints & Tips

Session 9: Introduction to Flash Photography

Textures by Tony Murray 04-04-2019

Christmas Speed Tables

Christmas Cards by Elisa Nishimura

Tips for Black and White Photography by Catherine Bushe

Night Photography by Tony Murray  18-10-2018

Speed Tables - Top Tips for Better Pictures 13-09-2018

Paul Raftery - Dropbox

Frank Murray - Low Light and Blue Hour Landscape

Elisa Nishimura - Adobe Camera Raw

Landscapes and Seascapes 19-04-2018

by Tony Murray

Image Processing 08-03-2018

Focus Stacking by Harry Reynolds

Information Night 30-11-2017

Deirdre Murphy's notes about FIAP distinctions and Salons

WhatsApp Groups and Masters Challenge 19-10-2017

Tony Murray - Landscape                                      Bernie O'Farrell - Sports

Tony Murray - Street                                              Bernie Joyce -  Architecture

Know Your Camera 14-09-2017

Mark Taylor's Notes

Video tutorials by Shay Farrely and Gerry Morgan, including resizing in

Photoshop and Lightroom (exporting in LR).

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